The school has a well equipped Library and a Reading Room.

Total Number of Books: 8613

Periodicals & Journals: 31

Dailies: 6

Reference Books: 409

Rules and Regulations:

1. A student is allowed to borrow only one book at a time and retain it for a period of one week. If needed, the librarian may call for a book borrowed by any member even before the expiry of the normal period of a week.

2. Reference books cannot be taken out of the library.

3. If the book borrowed is not returned to the library by the due date, a fine of Rs.5/day will be imposed.

4. The library books should not be passed on to others.

5. The books should be kept neatly. No marking, underlining or damage to the book is allowed.

6. The books that are lost, damaged or wrongly handled will have to be paid for or replaced. In case of lost books an additional amount of 50% of the actual price will be levied as fine.

7. A student who loses a book for more than once will not be issued with books from the library.

8. All books must be returned to the library by 1st March. Books will not be issued during vacations.